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Sir Gawain Essay Free Essays

11-1-11 Chivalric But Still Human â€Å"The saying of valor is likewise the aphorism of insight; to serve all, yet love just one. † (Honore de Balzac). The Chivalric code is a messiness of decides that negate one another and challenge typical human conduct. We will compose a custom article test on Sir Gawain Essay or on the other hand any comparative theme just for you Request Now These principles of gallantry are prevalently worried about mental fortitude, respect and courteous fellows like-conduct, which assume a significant job in demonstrating one’s reliability to the King. In the sonnet, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Sir Gawain ends up being a legend since he consistently battles against his human defects to act in a courageous way. Sir Gawain is recognized as a chivalric human since he is a gutsy man who drives forward through troublesome occasions and faces both human enticement and fear. All through Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Gawain continually fights to maintain the chivalric code, and at long last one can verify that Gawain did in certainty maintain the chivalric code. To start, Gawain maintains the law to be a gallant man in all conditions. Close to the furthest limit of the sonnet Gawain arrives at the Green Knight’s manor to maintain his guarantee that they made a year and a day prior. At the point when Gawain shows up, he and the knight start discussion and structure a consent to finish the terms. As the Green Knight depicts what he will do, Gawain says, â€Å"Never fear†¦ I’ll stop and permit you to function as you like and not restrict/you here† (91-95). Now inside the sonnet, Gawain has done everything to follow the code of gallantry. Genuine valiance and fortitude isn't found in numerous men, however Gawain can overcome this obstruction and demonstrate that he is fearless. In this example, Gawain is permitting the knight to do however he sees fit, is to remove his head. This exhibits he is a daring man anticipating his passing. Moreover, he doesn't decide to oppose the discipline and run for his life, he takes in the discipline since he has the solidarity to acknowledge his destiny. Numerous men in this circumstance couldn't exhibit this activity, permitting the peruser to presume that Gawain has a solid feeling of fortitude, which is a significant and vital trademark expected to maintain the chivalric code. As the story advances, so does Gawain following and maintaining the Chivalric code. The code, besides, incorporates, for example, demonstrations of respect and honorable conduct towards ladies. After the Green Knight has given his discipline to Gawain, he expresses expressions of truth to him saying, â€Å"A man who’s consistent with his promise ought to have nothing to fear† (195-196). The Knight realize that Gawain did nothing incorrectly the initial two days, since he returned what he had gotten. Since he didn't attempt to take her enchanting kisses to the following level while being modest towards the paramour, shows that he regards ladies. Regard and love towards ladies is a significant commitment to the chivalric code. Moreover, the exhibit of returning what was gotten for the two of the days shows that Sir Gawain was a respectable man to his host, by remaining consistent with his pledges traded three days sooner. By and large, Sir Gawain is appeared to keep up the chivalric code by adhering to four basic laws inside the code of valor, yet as yet battling with his numerous human shortcomings over the span of his excursion. In spite of the way that Gawain maintained the greater part of the chivalric code, some may believe that he neglected to maintain the code in light of human missteps. As the story starts, the Green Knight comes inside the palace, gets his head cut off and afterward is supernaturally fine, and he exits revealing to Sir Gawain to discover him in a year and a day. This arrangement of occasions represents to Gawain that he, himself, isn't interminable and he should fear for his own life. At the point when Gawain at long last shows up at the Knight’s château on the appalling day, the knight clarifies, â€Å" But you have come up short on a bit, sir; you were less that faithful;/But since it was not simply the scarf or desire/But in light of the fact that you adored your life, I accuse you less† (207-209). All people have, here and there, an in dread of death. This was the inclination that defeats Sir Gawain, making him keep the band that was given to him on the third day by the paramour. This activity made Gawain neglect to maintain the chivalric code since he was backstabbing to the host. No other knight would be sufficiently courageous to leave behind an opportunity to spare his life; every one is human which implies they eventually dread their own passing. At long last, some would think about Gawain as a disappointment, yet in sensible terms it was an open door too hard to even think about passing up by any human, indicating that human imperfections have meddled with Gawain’s excursion to maintain the chivalric code. The knight concurs with this and comprehends that despite the fact that Gawain ought to maintain the code, he needs to experience a few escape clauses. This comprehension by the Green Knight later comes to fruition in the discussion between Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, the Knight states, â€Å"You are the best man that at any point strolled this earth†¦ so Gawain without a doubt stands ut over all other Knights† (204-206). Despite the fact that Gawain has demonstrated traitorousness to the Knight, or at the time his host, the Green Knight is as yet ready to express that he is a gallant knight. Gawain is viewed as perhaps the best knight, since he realizes that he is just committing errors because of human blemishes in his decisions, which hard to survive. In any case, the Knight realizes that he can perceive his slip-ups and fix them. By and large, this shows Gawain is trusted and trusted not to rehash his missteps, uncovering him to be courageous by then finish of the sonnet. Taking everything into account, some may feel that Gawain couldn't maintain the Chivalric code, yet this is a fraudulent incrimination, since he battled because of his human imperfections that would be difficult to defeat for any living being. Sir Gawain can maintain the chivalric code by vanquishing troublesome undertakings while following the rulebook. The Chivalric Code is a mind boggling framework that conflicts with numerous human imperfections and practices. Gawain remains brave, good and men of their word like all through his excursion, even extreme he has numerous fights with enticement and dread. Gawain attempts with outrageous persistence to beat his blunders, however at times neglects to do as such, which shows that he is just human and that everybody commits errors yet they can fix them. As Sir Gawain and The Green Knight closes, the peruser presumes that despite the fact that Gawain had a few disappointments in meeting the entirety of the specific laws the chivalric code, he is as yet ready to maintain a larger part the code of valor with unmistakable quality and pride. The most effective method to refer to Sir Gawain Essay, Essay models

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International Business Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 11

Universal Business - Essay Example For instance, the creator states, â€Å"Lina Pedraza Rodrã ­guez, Minister of Finance and Prices of Cuba, said that the nation desperately needs to modernize its economy in order to secure the accomplishments of the Cuban Revolution. For that it requires outside speculation, including from the United States† (Knight, 2015). This statement catches the minister’s remarks on Cuba and its requirements for remote direct speculation. This was a comment intended to charm nations, for example, the U.S to come and put resources into Cuba. The nations about which the article was composed incorporate Cuba, the United States of America and Mexico. The article straightforwardly centers around Cuba as a nation that is promoting itself for outside direct venture. USA and Mexico are alluded to in the article as two nations that can put resources into Cuba. To make this conceivable, Cuba’s authorities revealed nature and administrative systems set up in the nation to guarantee that remote interest in the nation would be a smooth procedure and a commonly valuable undertaking for the two gatherings. The data contained in the article may impact my choice to put resources into the nation as in knowing the business condition, the administrative and lawful structures in Cuba will assist me with settling on proper choices on whether it is a sheltered and valuable spot to put resources into. For example, Lina Pedraza Rodrã ­guez states, â€Å"Cuba is available to speculation from the United States. It has never been closed† (Knight, 2015). She additionally included that the Cuban government had settled the microeconomic pointers to guarantee that private and remote organizations work with secure property rights. Deborah Rivas, the General Director of Foreign Investment in the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment likewise expressed that suitable laws are built up to ensure outside venture. These realities emphatically impact me to put resources into the nation

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Operations Decision - Determine the market structure in which the Term Paper

Tasks Decision - Determine the market structure in which the low-calorie nourishment organization works - Term Paper Example All the more along these lines, the Company means to sell its items at a reasonable market, focusing on people from all financial foundation. The Company is not quite the same as its rivals since it sells low calorie nourishments that are exceptionally delicious and look great. All the more thus, most people center around sound nourishments, this consequently causes the Company to surpass its rivals who sell fatty food sources. The Company has wanted to extend its customer base by opening up different branches in countries, for example, United States, France and Spain in the following 3 to 4 years. Most people in the United Kingdom are worried about their wellbeing, along these lines lean toward low calorie nourishment. Subsequently the Company has an additional favorable position over its principle rivals who fundamentally sell unhealthy nourishment, for example, Mac fries and KFC. The item is devoured by people from all socio-social foundation, and most purchasers run from ages 20 and 55. What's more, ladies are the ones who for the most part buy the items, hence the Company exceptionally focus on the female populace (The Times 100, 2014). These are outer and interior factors that may influence the advertising chances of the Company. SWOT investigation distinguishes the qualities, shortcomings, openings and dangers, which are basic in deciding activities or perspectives that are fundamental for the showcasing plan. The Company endeavors to make straightforward and great nourishment in an increasingly supportable manner and simultaneously meet its business objectives. So as to accomplish the above expressed viewpoint, the Company guarantees that it can adjust the four significant components of the advertising blend. An assistance or an item will join a particular advertising blend. All the more along these lines, the correct blend will result to the accomplishment of the expressed objective, which may achieve consumer loyalty. Advertising blend establishes of four P’s, which incorporate; value, item, advancement and spot. For this situation, the Company’s item should taste and look great

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The Apprenons Persuasive Essay Samples Trap

The Apprenons Persuasive Essay Samples Trap A persuasive therefore is simple to learn and as soon as you have polished the skills it turns into a walk over. A principal point is the goal of the human body paragraph. You may be rich but if you've got an awful personality people aren't going to wish to be associated with you. You cannot purchase the feelings the individual has for you. Which is the reason why we here give you some persuasive essay samples that may aid you with your own. There are dozens of essays you'll be able to browse at You are able to download our sample essays free of charge. Writing an essay is a vital role in academe life. A persuasive essay is one of the simplest and intriguing essay that students would delight in writing. For a writer who isn't well trained, learning the fundamental essay parts that are the core elements of a template will help you produce a cohesive academic paper. Sometimes students think that they're totally poor in writing essays, but that may not be the circumstance. There are specific elements that help determine the practice of writing a persuasive essay. New Questions About Apprenons Persuasive Essay Samples It would be considerably more difficult to align your arguments to coordinate with the thesis, and it could diminish the worth of your assessment and the validity of your arguments. If you have interest in a specific topic you've got all chances to compose a persuasive essay. The target of a persuasive essay is to convince your readers your viewpoint is the correct viewpoint. Just take a look at the next persuasive essay. Most academic essay topics usually ask you to select a side in an argument or maybe to defend a specific side against criticism. In the event your professor has assigned a topic that's right for you, then you ought to fully study this matter and produce an outline for your essay. It should clearly express the topic of the essay together with the writer's position. Keep away from outdated sources and internet Encyclopedia like Wikipedia. Focus on topics you've got strong reactions to, and you will find one easily. Readers need to be able to adapt the perspective of the author and see from her or his eyes on where he or she's coming from. Finally, you've got to persuade readers your suggestions are reasonable. All of the principal points ought to be concisely mentioned in the preview. Supporting details have to be presented accurately too. Pick a topic with which you're well informed. Remind your audience of the reason why this topic is essential. While each particular criterion has its specific directions, to find a fantastic grade, you want to learn how to properly combine them. Use the very best terms you can imagine! Possessing a particular topic will allow you to be focused as you make research on the materials which you have to collect information. You've got to select the proper words so as to summarize your findings and at the very same time stay within certain word limit. There's, clearly, a limit on the variety of pages even our finest writers can produce with a pressing deadline, but generally, we can satisfy all the clients seeking urgent assistance. In our example, the very first reason we gave is a negative influence on the employee. Our writers will finish your work from scratch so that it's totally original and totally free from any risks plagiarism. There are those who believe that the more income that you have, the happier you are. If you get a nice and warm personality, individuals will be attracted to you and won't mind spending time with you. Money also doesn't change the way that people feel about you. Men and women who possess lots of money have more things than others that have a moderate quantity. Men and women that are focused on money find themselves working all of the time they don't have time to do the things they enjoy. What You Need to Know About Apprenons Persuasive Essay Samples Making the completion of private finance coursework a requirement for graduation would guarantee that young individuals are at least aware of the fundamentals of keeping a financial stability. A student only should be motivated into writing. To put it simply, if your teacher isn't impressed after having a look at the very first page, your gra de will likely be mediocre. Trying to persuade your teacher may be quite exhausting. Students have to compose essays based on the teacher's instructions or their preferred style in writing. They lead busy lives and often forget about an upcoming deadline. They should not have to wear uniforms. They should not have to wear school uniforms because they limit students' ability to express their individuality.

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Why Sleep Is Essential - 1950 Words

How important is sleep? Some people may say sleep is not very important, especially young adults who rarely get any at night. Others may say sleep is very important and that the average human being should try to get more than what they are. These two drastic opinions made me very curios about what the effects of lack of sleep and how lives can improve when receiving ample amounts of sleep. What is sleep? Sleep is the rested state of the mind and body. Everyone knows that sleep is a necessity, but why is it? There are two main reasons why sleep is essential because it restores and replenishes the body from the daily activities during the day and also enhances synaptic connections between neurons. Sleep makes it possible for the body to restore at night because it gives the body’s cells time to rebuild and recharge. A good example of this would be after a intense workout during the day the individual’s body when they sleep will have time to be able to rebuild the tiny micro tears in the individuals muscle due to working out. Sleep also has been linked to building stronger connections between neurons. This building of stronger â€Å"bridges† between neurons strengthens an individual’s memory. If most people know that you are suppose to get around 8 hours of sleep per night then why do the choose to stay up instead of going to bed? This may be because they do not know that lack of sleep has many negative effects. Weight gain, high blood pressure, and heart disease are some of theShow MoreRelatedHow Sleep Is Needed For Optimum Performance1352 Words   |  6 PagesStates feel the same after high school or during twelfth grade. Over the years, early school start times has been attributed to some of the reasons why students have been unable to perform well because they have been deprived of sleep. Sleep is an essential part of our daily lives and without it, we will be unable to function, as it is known that sleep is needed for optimum performance. It is one of the factors that determines how much effort we put into our daily activities, and it has several healthRead MoreThe Health Benefits Of Getting More Sleep857 Words   |  4 Pagesthat we sleep 24 years in a lifetime? Well let me tell you that there is a lot of people that sleep less than 24 years. Today I will present to you some of the surprising health benefits of getting more sleep And how with more sleep you can succeed in business and life On the contrary I will also tell you why you shouldn’t get to much sleep. Then I will have some time for questions is you have any Then I will finally conclude my presentation So let’s get started. To begin with sleep gives usRead MoreThe Effects Of Lack Of Sleep On Physical Health1361 Words   |  6 PagesLack of Sleep on Physical Health People think that when they have to finish something they can just stay up late to complete it and lose precious sleep time. In reality, that should not be the case. Millions of people around the world suffer from sleep deprivation. (â€Å"Why Sleep†). Many people look at sleep as a luxury. Some people think that they can skip sleep and depend on coffee. The truth is the human body needs sleep. â€Å"Sleep is essential for a person’s health and wellbeing† (â€Å"Why Sleep†). SleepRead MoreLack Of Sleep And Sleep Deprivation865 Words   |  4 PagesSleep is an essential, fundamental process that has been programmed in almost all life forms since the early development of birth. The importance and benefits of sleep lies paramount in comparison to other functions we do as humans including eating! Some scientist even say that you will die from sleep deprivation before you will die from food deprivation because when a person sleep your body is still very much awake and undergoes numerous functions. When health functions like memory consolidationRead MoreInformative Speech On Sleep1328 Words   |  6 PagesTitle of Speech: The Importance of Sleep and the Effects It Can Have on Our Bodies Specific Purpose: My audience will understand the importance of sleep, the effects a lack of sleep can have on a person’s body, and ways to improve the quality of sleep. Thesis: Sleep plays an essential part in a person’s health and well-being; the way we feel while awake is dependent upon what happens to your body while asleep. Attention Getter: Are you in debt? I know what probably came to your mind: loans, creditRead MoreThe Effects Of Sleep On A Public Health Epidemic955 Words   |  4 PagesSleep is one of the most important parts of our day it effects many aspects of daily functioning and is essential in order for a person to perform at their best. Unfortunately far too many ignore the importance of sleep and sacrifice sleep in order to meet the demands of daily life. The U.S center for disease control has deemed insufficient sleep a public health epidemic.( ) recent literature has shown that adolescence are one of the most sleep deprived populations. The reason being that sleep patternsRead MoreSleep, The Mysterious Lifeline1425 Words   |  6 PagesSleep, The Mysterious Lifeline On average, humans spend at least one-third of their lives asleep, adding up to around 26 years for a typical lifespan(â€Å"stud†). Although scientists have yet to find a reason behind the necessity for humans to sleep, it is an essential part of all human lives. However, scientists have been doing extensive testing for years, and have resulted in many credible hypothesis on why humans must sleep. Contrary to what would be expected considering sleep consumes a great dealRead MoreHow Sleep Can Help Your Sleep1324 Words   |  6 Pages Sleep is one of the most important and essential parts of life. Learning why people need sleep can help individuals to understand the benefits of sleep, the effects that come from not getting enough sleep and why one needs to manage one s sleep. These three aspects of sleep can help one to get the adequate amount of sleep needed each night. â€Å"The National Sleep Foundation says that an individual spends one-third of one’s life asleep, and the overall state of one’s sleep health remains an essentialRead MoreSleep Is Essential On A Daily Basis Essay1189 Words   |  5 Pages2016 Sleep Importance Sleep is essential on a daily basis. It allows the body to rest and replenish itself for the next day. These days, lack of sleep is a result of people not taking sleep seriously or having a lightly thought about sleep. Our sleep habits directly affect our life on a daily basis and it has an important role throughout our whole life. Not having the right amount of sleep every night can affect our mental and physical health. Having a better knowledge about what causes sleep problemsRead MoreWhy Do We Sleep?1540 Words   |  7 PagesWhy do we sleep? As we all know, one third of our life is spent to sleep, but very few people intend to lay bare the secret of that. There would be a question: why do we sleep? According to the video The Function of Sleep, Tyson states that people are not very clear about the purpose of sleep, but some researchers believe that sleep could enhance memory. MIT researcher Matthew Wilson also illustrates the thoughts of a rat can be read by implanted the electric wire into its brain. According to

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Transparency Of Donor Aid As A Key Factor - 6243 Words

TRANSPARENCY OF DONOR AID AS A KEY FACTOR IN ENHANCING DEVELOPMENT: CASE STUDY OF KENYA DECLARATION I declare that this project paper is my own work, done with my own ideas. It has not been presented by any other person before it is through my creation of time and effort. Signature: .........................................................................Date....................................... Name: Signature: .........................................................................Date....................................... Name: Signature: .........................................................................Date....................................... Name: DEDICATION ACKNOWLEDGEMENT ABSTRACT TABLE OF CONTENTS DECLARATION ii DEDICATION iii ACKNOWLEDGEMENT iv ABSTRACT v LIST OF TABLES vii LIST OF FIGURES viii CHAPTER ONE 1 1.0 INTRODUCTION 1 1.1 Back Ground of the Study 1 1.2 Statement of Problem. 3 1.3 General Objectives. 5 1.3.1 Specific Objectives 5 1.4 Research question 5 1.5 Hypothesis 5 1.6 Scope of the Study 6 1.7 Literature review 6 1.8 Theoretical Framework 8 1.9Research Methodology 9 1.10 Chapter Outline 10 CHAPTER TWO 12 DEVELOPMENT AND AID 12 2.0 Introduction 12 2.1 Aid in Promoting Economic Growth 12 2.2 Aid in Eradicating Poverty 14 2.3 Aid in Kenya 16 CHAPTER THREE 18 TRANSPARENCY AND AID 18 3.0 Introduction 18 3.1 Transparency in Aid Use 18 3.2 Transparency in Kenya 20 3.2Show MoreRelatedPublic Governance And Internal Control1252 Words   |  6 Pagescriticisms from external stakeholders on the state of their ineffective accountability and transparency, which portrays that charities do not comply with effective corporate governance and internal control (CG+IC) in order to improve their performance and credibility. The research will pinpoint the inadequacies of CG+IC, then evaluate how when applied effectively could contribute to charities’ performance and aid credibility, which would in turn improve their income level. In order to achieve theseRead MoreThe Budget Is The Most Important Policy Tool Of Government1024 Words   |  5 Pagesbudgeting, and with varying success of impact on gender outcomes and on resource distribution. Understanding which factors increase the likelihood that GRB will have a positive impact is necessary in order for countries to implement best practices. Evidence from country based case studies identifies several factors which enable positive outcomes from GRB. Unsurprisingly, a key factor that is shown to play a vital in the effectiveness of GRB is supporting women s participation in planning and budgetingRead MoreCambodian Society And Its Contemporary Political, Cultural, And Socio Economic Context2181 Words   |  9 PagesCambodian context. The analysis is structured around three main analytical dimensions whereby SGACA aims to achieve a thorough understanding of the complex power dynamics that characterise state-society relations (Hout Schakel 2014). 1. Foundational factors The many years of war have left deep wounds among Cambodia’s state and population. During the Khmer Rouge genocide (1975 - 1979), under the leadership of Pol Pot, nearly two million people were executed or died of starvation and hardship. The publicRead MoreOverview of College Access Foundation of California5151 Words   |  21 Pagesfor donor confidence and public perception of the organization. Moreover the conclusion is also drawn on the basis of secondary research, analysis and discussion formulated in the above mentioned sections. Background In order to access college education, significant percentage of population deserves to be financially assisted. Limited access to educational resources and tools, these underrepresented groups of students also does not get adequate informational support regarding financial aid. CollegeRead MoreMarketing Strategies Of The United Nations Children s Fund ( Unicef ) And American Red Cross2762 Words   |  12 Pages(UNICEF, 2015). 2.1.2 Objectives UNICEF was created to provide emergency food, clothing and healthcare services to the children of countries affected by World War II (UNICEF, 2015). It now has a larger mission of providing humanitarian and developmental aid to mothers and children in under-developed and disaster-stricken regions by alleviating poverty, disease, discrimination and violence. Amongst other objectives, its programs promote gender equality, physical and emotional well-being, child protectionRead MoreFinancial Management : Boys Girls Clubs Of Miami Dade Essay2718 Words   |  11 Pagesthe director of grants and director of planned giving, which happens to be a consultant for the organization. The vice-president of operations oversees club directors, facility management, and the director of program services, while also serving as a key individual when looking at separation of duties in regards with finances. Furthermore, nonprofit organizations must acquire revenues from different sources in order to keep the organization afloat. With that said, it is important for executive directorsRead MoreNew Public Management ( Npm )1383 Words   |  6 Pagessomething. In our context, it often means putting monetary value on tangibles and intangibles. Accountable means being held responsible for actions taken and the ability to answer to those who are involved in the process. Accountability can be towards donors (upwards) or towards beneficiaries (downwards). In order to investigate this statement further, we need to understand that NPM’s main themes circle around decentralisation, promoting competition and emphasise on performance evaluation. In this essayRead MoreAction Plan For Accountability Issues At Central Valley College1916 Words   |  8 Pagesaccountability. Institutional accountability reports to a multitude of stakeholders with varying expectancies from student’s expectat ion of a quality education, oversight agencies want assurances that schools comply with rules and regulations, while donors want proof of investment, and alumni need reassurance that the reputation of their school is progressing (Kearns, 1998). Reputable higher education institutions take their accountability and accreditation seriously, which requires adherence to rulesRead MoreHumanitarian Logistics and Supply Chain Management5779 Words   |  24 PagesTechnology ARROW@DIT Articles School of Management 1-1-2010 (Le)agility in Humanitarian Aid Supply Chains Kirstin Scholten Dublin Institute of Technology, Pamela Sharkey Scott Dublin Institute of Technology Brian Fynes Smurfit School of Business, University College Dublin Recommended Citation Scholten, K., Sharkey Scott, P., Fynes, B. Le)agility in humanitarian aid (NGO) supply International Journal of Physical Distribution Logistics Management Volume: 40Read MoreCorruption, Poverty and Globalization Essay2735 Words   |  11 Pagesalso a sense of voicelessness and powerlessness. This multidimensional way of measuring poverty is rather complicated and involved factors which are difficult to measure. To resolve this issue researchers have developed indices such as the UNDP, human poverty index, which look at poverty in terms of longevity, knowledge and economic provisioning. According to transparency international corruption is the abuse of entrusted power for private gain. It hurts everyone who depends on the integrity of people

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Marketing Analysis of ABC Learning

Questions: 1.Outline the evironmental factors that impacted on ABC.Did these factors have a positive or negative impact on the firm?2.Do you think that the success and ultimate failure of the company was an outcome of its environment, or was it an otcome of its own strategies and actions?3.If the company had been able to continue to raise money and pursue its growth throug an acquistion strategy,do you think it would have been successful in the long run?4. Do you agree with the company's strategy choices? what strategy wold yo have chosen? Answers: Introduction ABC learning is an Australian based child-care company that was founded by Eddie Groves and Le Neve, his wife in 1988. The company was publicly listed in 2001 with a market capitalization of $25 million and 43 child-care centers in Australia. Moreover, the company experienced tremendous within seven years with over 2000 child-care centers around the world and a market value of $4 billion. However, the company collapsed towards the end of 2008 supposedly due to its environmental and marketing strategies as this outlines. 1. The environmental that had an impact on the operations of ABC learning include government policies, social, and cultural changes, and economic factors. The government had been supportive of early children education through providing subsidies to child-care centers. The government has come up with many policies that support and encourage the existence and development of child-care centers. These policies include tax rebate scheme that covered 50 percent of the child-care expenses. In addition to this, the government came with a policy that encourage people to have many children, this contribute to the growth of the childcare industry. Nonetheless, social and cultural changes implies to the changing roles of women in the society. The current society encourage women to go to work and support their families thus the need for childcare centers. On the other hand, the economic development enjoyed in the 2001 to 2007 period contributed to the growth of childcare industry. From the succes s experienced in that period, it is evident that the environmental factors had positive effects on the firm. 2. From the case, it is evident that the environmental factors contributed a lot to the success of ABC Learner. However, it is important to note that without the strategies and action of the company the environmental factors would not have been effective or successful in any way. On the other hand, it is evident that the strategies and actions employed by the company led to the collapse of the company. According to Krstic and Becic, (2011) marketing strategy is an important factor for the growth of business. However, according to the case as cited by Ernst and Young auditors the strategies employed by the company did not make any profits because most of the resources are tangible (Gillespie, Jeannet, and Hennessey, 2007). Thus, it is evident that the marketing strategies of the company contributed significantly to the collapse of the company. 3. According to Slater, Hult, and Olson, (2010) for a company to develop and achieve a competitive advantage in the industry, it must develop an effective marketing strategy that can allow the company to maximize its profits. Thus, if the company had utilized an acquisition strategy, there was a chance of success because accusation could enable the company to raise more money and have total control of the corporation. Acquisition entails buying part or whole of a company and strengthening the company to realize its full potential (Calandro, 2011). 4. The strategy employed by the company has many irregularities because it adds to the cost of the company. This is because the strategy employed by the company brought many subsidiaries on board, which led to outsourcing and eventually additional cost to the corporation. Thus, acquisition strategy could be perfect for the company since its gives the company control over the corporation. Moreover, the acquisition allows the company to accumulate a lot of money before venturing into new markets. References Calandro, J. (2011). Strategic MA: insights from Buffett's MidAmerican acquisition. Strategy Leadership, 39(4), pp.41-48. Gillespie, K., Jeannet, J., and Hennessey, H. (2007). Global marketing. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co. Krstic, I. and Becic, S. (2011). Implementation of marketing strategy: Factor of competitive advantage. Marketing, 42(2), pp.118-126. Slater, S., Hult, G. and Olson, E. (2010). Factors influencing the relative importance of marketing strategy creativity and marketing strategy implementation effectiveness. Industrial Marketing Management, 39(4), pp.551-559.